The Ascension Machine

Sorcerous Allies (Part I)

In which our intrepid adventurers:
-Created an allegiance between the proleteriat rebels and the Arach
-Were asked to seek the support of Xanthos, arguably the cities most powerful/influential sorcerer and collecter of numenera
-Visited Xanthos’s tower, filled with many wonders displayed like a forest of statues or gallery, strange skeletons statues monuments items, ceramics, paintings, holograns, memory stones, weapons
-Greeted by Gilian an automata that is his servant/part of his collection
-Secured Xanthos’s help in return for a small favor, all the men he has sent to beat Cailin Ledaal to some “prize” in the ruins have failed to return. He explains he’s not even sure what it is he’s after but if a veteran preist from the steadfast has travelled this far to find something it must be valuable. He wants the Chabo and Judeau to to succeed were his other men failed.
-Where given a pair of temporary personal shields and had their travel shortened somewhat by Xanthos who created a portal to the area
-Navigated a flooded room and avoided the predations of a tentacled creature that blindly searched for prey, found remnants of some of Xanthos’s previous explorers.
-Discovered an area of the ruins deep down and between the core and the Arach, dense rainforest/swamp with light created by strange crystals which stud the ceilings, lead to a vast open, tropical cavern.
-Found an entrance to a vault though without any power its impossible to open, signs of a recent struggle and abandoned camp
-Chabo was captured by a group of semi serpentine individuals and taken to a small village at the base of what looks like an aztec temple made from metal (darkest black an burnished gold). Judeau, who remained free, followed at a distance and studied the village.
-Discovered the villagers are lead by a small group of very powerful nanos that could not be mistaken for human.
-Discovered they had recently captured a human that was tampering with “the eye of sol”. Chabo negotiated both his and the imprisoned Ledaals freedom with the reptilian nano sorcerer/god Xiuhtecuhtli
-Judeau meanwhile searched and explored the temples, discovering:
-large corridors obviously not built for human use,
- a room with mostly empty sleeper cells 3empty 2 full-dead, medical room replete with creche human child,
-a central room has bright glowing orb suspended in centre,
consoles in the side
-work room with several assembled tools, wrist launcher similar in design to the villagers on the pedestal
-To be continued…
Judeau: +2 personal +2 story
Chabo: +2 personal +4 story
In the jungle by axl99

Deal With the Devil

In which our intrepid adventurers:
- Were approached by the factions vying for control of the city and sided with Bailins worker let rebellion
- Were given the task of securing Crowlys support
- Met Crowly for the first time in an office in the depths of a popular brothel. Asked to hunt down and get a sample from a reforged shapeshifter who has eviscerated several people in the last week in return for his help.
- Dicovered during their investigation:
location of the attacks (around smokestacks)
style of the attacks (eviscerated, pulled apart, body mass missing)
witnesses, conflicting reports (one saw Dagon fully revealed, one saw old women leaving the scene, one saw a young man etc.)
rumours of strange disturbances from engineers, local workers near the stacks
- Proceeded to investigate the tunnels under the stacks with the aid of a small worker led mob who agreed to drive the beast towards a central tunnel
- Found a tragic lair with scattered numenera, a broken mirror and dagons audio diary
- Following the screams of distant worked were confronted by the scene of two seeming doppelgangers, though Chabos numenera tuned senses were able to tell the human from Dagon
- Disabled Dagon in a fierce skirmish, making good use of Napalm, drugged nets, and a newly met composite bow wielding Glaive
- Were convinced by Crowly to give the entire body rather than just a sample
- Headed to Bailin for their reward…
Judeau: +2 personal +2 story
Chabo: +2 personal +2 story
Dmitri: +2 personal +2 story

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The Spring Runs Dry

In which our intrepid adventurers:

- Negotiated for the use of a Drop concealed within the basement of “Dougs Exchange and Fish Fry”, and their met the Delver Judeau who agreed to help them for a 75/25 split of any numenera.
- Risked staying too long in the ancient, mesmerising, Theatre as they searched the bodies of previous guests for numenera and shins.
- Navigated tunnels filled with a strange, numbing, mushroom that shied away from open flames.
- Befriend a young Arach dubbed “Fluffers” by Chabo
- Followed the young Arach to an far older, wiser, and larget spider called Neith who convinced the players to partake from a dish or liquid iron wind so that they could converse directly. Learned from her that a radical veteran 4 legs hunter by the name of Iktomi was responsible for stopping the water and that she feared the brutal retaliation that might follow. Neith asked the players to stop him before it was too late.
- Learned that a four legs by the name of Baal traded information with Iktomi, and this was how he learned of the source of Quadriviums water.
- Confronted Iktomi and Chabo narrowly managed to convince him that within the underclass of the city above their lay some hope of a true peace between their people. During this conversation they noted a human sized figure bound in spider silk near Iktomi, but decided to not mention it or intervene when the released water washed it away.
- Rescued the figure from the base of the complex where she had fallen only to discover the figure was a well armoured huntress from the walkers in darkness who had come to kill Iktomi. Luckily Vaedra was heavily concussed and Judeau was able to keep her fooled as he sneaked her out through the Arach tunnels.
- Left with the promise he would act as the ambassador of the “People” to the 4 legs, and after Chabo releasing most of the silvery liquid metal that had facillitated his communication with the Arach into the citys water supply.
- Escaped the ruins and sent Vaedra on her way they decided to collect their reward and head to the inn of the three headed goat.
- Were given a strange concoction resembling a boiled sweet by a street urchin and told it was from a friend.
- Met their erstwhile employer Shadwell who congratulated them and gave them some very dubious wine discovered he had a recording of their mission he had taken using a stealthed automata and which he was now editing to make himself the star of.
- Fought Shadwell, killing him and burning down most of his office.
- Opened the door of the office to confront Shadwells guards who took one long look at his corpse and the Jona standing next to it holding a still bloody knife before saying:
- “Hello… Boss?”

Judeau: +2 personal +3 story
Chabo: +2 personal +4 story

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The House of Doors

In which our intrepid adventurers:

- Awoke in a strange lab, surrounded by stored specimins.
- Discovered lab records showing their captors interest in something referred to as “The Ascension Machine” and the city of Quadrivium.
- Explored the House of Doors, a strange building constructed in marble, filled with the sounds of pained "whale"song, fading light, non euclidian geometry and paintings that seemingly lead to distinct places.
- Interrogated their captors abhuman servant Gerome and discovered the name of his master- Baal. Sadly he was able to escape them using the painting of a jungle labelled “Issis”
-Escaped the house of doors to find themselves surveying Quadrivium.
-Met an old friend in the form of McConley Jr of the McConley trading company.
-Discovered a water shortage in the city.
-Learnt about the political tentions in the city. Weak leadership from a regent, ambitious Equity Lords, and a deeply unhappy work force.
-Were hired by a mysterious benefactor to investigate the drought.
-Learned of the final destination of the pipes in the Arach tunnels and the fact that the territory is “owned” by the Shadow Stalkers who capture Arach so that their silk can be harvested.
-Aquired a map from an augment Delver called Malarn hoping to bypass the Shadow Stalker territory.
- Set out to investigate the Arach tunnels!

Alatar: +2 personal +2 story
Chabo: +2 personal +2 story

Felix yoon 09a

Mansion Raid

In which our intrepid adventurers:

- investigated a poor village child afflicted by the loss of a leg
- stole a holy mans most treasured possession
- evaded a fearsome sandworm with the cunning use of telekinetic pebbles
- explored a long abandoned mansion in the harsh wilderness of the desert
-discovered a mysterious diary/set of macarbre experiments focused around human and abhuman brains, an exotic garden kept fertile by a highly effective if dangerous ecosystem and a novel device that seems to collect moisture from the air.
- And were captured in the abandoned mansion where they chose to make camp!

Alatar: +2 personal +3 story
Chabo: +2 personal +2 story



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