The Ascension Machine

Deal With the Devil

In which our intrepid adventurers:
- Were approached by the factions vying for control of the city and sided with Bailins worker let rebellion
- Were given the task of securing Crowlys support
- Met Crowly for the first time in an office in the depths of a popular brothel. Asked to hunt down and get a sample from a reforged shapeshifter who has eviscerated several people in the last week in return for his help.
- Dicovered during their investigation:
location of the attacks (around smokestacks)
style of the attacks (eviscerated, pulled apart, body mass missing)
witnesses, conflicting reports (one saw Dagon fully revealed, one saw old women leaving the scene, one saw a young man etc.)
rumours of strange disturbances from engineers, local workers near the stacks
- Proceeded to investigate the tunnels under the stacks with the aid of a small worker led mob who agreed to drive the beast towards a central tunnel
- Found a tragic lair with scattered numenera, a broken mirror and dagons audio diary
- Following the screams of distant worked were confronted by the scene of two seeming doppelgangers, though Chabos numenera tuned senses were able to tell the human from Dagon
- Disabled Dagon in a fierce skirmish, making good use of Napalm, drugged nets, and a newly met composite bow wielding Glaive
- Were convinced by Crowly to give the entire body rather than just a sample
- Headed to Bailin for their reward…
Judeau: +2 personal +2 story
Chabo: +2 personal +2 story
Dmitri: +2 personal +2 story

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