The Ascension Machine

The House of Doors

In which our intrepid adventurers:

- Awoke in a strange lab, surrounded by stored specimins.
- Discovered lab records showing their captors interest in something referred to as “The Ascension Machine” and the city of Quadrivium.
- Explored the House of Doors, a strange building constructed in marble, filled with the sounds of pained "whale"song, fading light, non euclidian geometry and paintings that seemingly lead to distinct places.
- Interrogated their captors abhuman servant Gerome and discovered the name of his master- Baal. Sadly he was able to escape them using the painting of a jungle labelled “Issis”
-Escaped the house of doors to find themselves surveying Quadrivium.
-Met an old friend in the form of McConley Jr of the McConley trading company.
-Discovered a water shortage in the city.
-Learnt about the political tentions in the city. Weak leadership from a regent, ambitious Equity Lords, and a deeply unhappy work force.
-Were hired by a mysterious benefactor to investigate the drought.
-Learned of the final destination of the pipes in the Arach tunnels and the fact that the territory is “owned” by the Shadow Stalkers who capture Arach so that their silk can be harvested.
-Aquired a map from an augment Delver called Malarn hoping to bypass the Shadow Stalker territory.
- Set out to investigate the Arach tunnels!

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