Half genius and half buffoon


Character type: Nano
Descriptor: Learned
Character focus: Wields power with precision
Might: 11
Speed: 15
Intellect: 33
Might: 1
Speed: 1
Intellect: 2
Might: 0
Speed: 0
Intellect: 2
Cyphers: Teleporter (traveler), x-ray viewer
Trained: Lore (numenera), lore (architecture/engineering), numenera
Tier 1: Hedge magic, mindslice
Equipment: Clothing, quarterstaff, 2 numenera books, 1 religion book, 1 planes book, 1 oddity, 4 shins
+1 bonus, remember/discover knowledge
Chabo immune to esoteries
+1 difficulty, charm/persuasion/etiquette tasks


In childhood he lost his younger brother to illness, and in his youth he served as an apprentice to a feared and respected nano-priest in the temple of an obscure god. He was loved and admired by all but his master, who resented his free spirited attitude. He was eventually cast out in disgrace after failing at some task.

Q1. Characterize your character in a single sentence?

He is half genius and half buffoon.

Q2. How would your closest relative describe your character?

A deep thinker and a joyful clown, for him these are not separate things, but rather two aspects of the same thing.

Q3. Name three of your characters fears: One from Youth, One Present and one relating to their future life they plan

From his youth, he is mistrustful of religious institutions. Having learned about the great artifacts of the numenera, he also fears what such forgotten technologies could do, particularly in the hands of those who would use them for evil. Finally, and tangentially, he has a fear of crippling degenerative disease.

Q4. What Emotion does your character hide in public?

His grief over the death of his younger brother.

Q5. Who/ What does your character look to for inspiration and guidance

He is greatly inspired by the quest for knowledge.

Q6. Describe your characters living quarters, or any he has ever owned.

His room at the temple was small and spare, but he would frequently fill it with bright artwork.

Q7. Do the Needs of Many… outweigh the Needs of the one?

Certainly, though there is a danger that thinking in this way could blind one to other possible solutions to problems.

Q8. Does your characters have a friend, if so describe?

Gregarious and outgoing, he has many friends, including several with whom he is quite close.

Q9. Your character’s Hearts Desire?

To learn the next true thing.

Q10. Your character’s thoughts on Lies?

These are nuanced. Just as knowledge is a powerful tool, so too can be the withholding or obfuscation of knowledge. His general policy among friends is one of openness and honesty. He’s not above white lies to spare someone’s feelings, but would never withhold information he deems relevant.

Q11. How does your character view the numenera that fill the world? Is it magic, the work of the gods, or science? As objects of fascination, worship, or tools?

His training has equiped him to understand the numenera as science, and his disposition causes him to think of them as objects of fascination, and to a lesser extent, tools. However, he also has a deep-seated distrust of numenera, or perhaps of numenera as they are used by those around him, particularly if he does not yet understand how they work.

Q12. How does your character assume they will die?

A degenerative disease, as his brother did.


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