A young preist from a floating land with a strange tendency to make things...wander off...


Hello my name is Chabo. I am a Mystic Nano who manipulates gravity.

I have the following stats:

Might: 14
Speed: 12
Intellect: 27

My effort is 2 and I have an edge of 1 in Int.

I am trained in identifying cyphers, and numera but am a little bad with people.

Shit I Carry (power to carry three cyphers):

A stick which tells me the weight of things. (artifact)
Gravity Bomb. (cypher)
Shaman’s Bomb-y thing. (cypher)
Mysterious water ord. (cypher)
A book on numenera.
A sword.
Splendid robes.



Born upon a mysterious oasis floating high above the desert Chabo was enlisted in the service of a preist at a young age. His selection, younger than tradition has dictated, was driven by his unique ability to cause objects around him to levitate. In this bleak landscape only one person has been seen to work such miracles. Dougy, the god, who has long since disappeared after raising the floating island of Mar-cook high into the sky.

Now being trained in the knowledge of Dougy’s ways his master miraculously drowned in his cot without a drop of water around except in his lungs. Since this tragic happening the water of Mar-cook, which normally raises from the depths of the island has stopped flowing. It is up to Chabo to save his home….and to learn who he is? DUN DUN!



Q1. Characterize your character in a single sentence?

Young and green, but bright and strong willed, he will save his home.

Q2. How would your closest relative describe your character?

Like that kid from the fifth element.

Q3. Name three of your characters fears: One from Youth, One Present and one relating to their future life they plan

Breaking things by accidentally floating them, failing his home, and not avenging his master.

Q4. What Emotion does your character hide in public?

His fear of floating things.

Q5. Who/ What does your character look to for inspiration and guidance

His dead master and Dougy

Q6. Describe your characters living quarters, or any he has ever owned.

He sleeps on a cot made of desert brush in the apprentice quarters

Q7. Do the Needs of Many… outweigh the Needs of the one?


Q8. Does your characters have a friend, if so describe?

nope, he is an introvert

Q9. Your character’s Hearts Desire?

Save Mar-cook

Q10. Your character’s thoughts on Lies?

Meh? He clever enough to know when they are useful but not skilled in all social situations

Q11. How does your character view the numenera that fill the world? Is it magic, the work of the gods, or science? As objects of fascination, worship, or tools?

GODS! Crazy ass powerful gods! But his powers are an extension of their power not his own.

Q12. How does your character assume they will die?

Falling from the edge of Mar-cook


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