A stealthy jack who exists partially out of phase.


Speed/21/1 (-5 for movement)
Effort 2

Can hold 2 cyphers.
Ignore 2 M/S of penalty from Armor
Walk Through Walls (A-2I) – Pass through solid 1"/round.
- No action/perception until through.

(T) – Lies & Trickery
(T) – All esoteries/abilities involving illusions/trickery
(T) – Speed Defense (w/o armor)
(S) – Stealth
(T) – FLEX – choose at beginning of each day.
(ex: climbing, persuading, riding, historical lore,
initiative, melee/ranged attacks,
speed/might/intellect defense, or performing esoteries)

Dagger (+ 2 Atk, 2 Dmg, 30ft)
Bow, 12 Arrows (+ 1 Atk, 3 Dmg, 300ft)
Leather (1AC)
Glow Stone (oddity, produces dim light)
Clothing – Light, easy to move in. Flowy green cloak.
Explorer’s Pack – 50 feet of rope, 3 day’s rations, 3 spikes, hammer, warm clothes, sturdy boots, 3 torches, and two minor glowglobes
Light Tools – Small tongs, pliers, screwdriver, small hammer, small pry bar, lockpicks, 10 feet of string, 3 feet of wire, miscellaneous screws and nails
Phased Hookshot (Artifact) – phases into solid objects to latch on.

T1 Edge


34-Year-Old, 5’6", Brown Hair, Brown Eyes
Wears dark earth-toned clothing that moves easily. Most notably a dark green cloak that adds to his growing etherealness, especially when phasing. Looks expensive but worn. See shyguy for reference.

Born into a semi-rich and somewhat powerful family from the central territories, Judeau abandoned “the life” in adolescence for fear of becoming like the rest of his family: rich, power-hungry, and willing to sacrifice the lives and/or livelihood of anyone or anything if it would add to their already large accumulation of wealth. Judeau vowed to make his own fortune without sacrificing his soul.

It has been years of struggle, drinking, and questionable choices since then. Despite his quick wit and good reflexes, Judeau has had to sacrifice much to eek out an existence in the outer territories, including many of the morals he set out to uphold. Most of his young life has been spent making money through less-than-legitimate jobs, then blowing it on failed business schemes or getting into some extended form of inebriated stupor.

His “fogginess” is an investment from early in his life alone. A group of nanos promising “life-changing abilities” to those willing to pay. The procedure seemed unsuccessful at the time and all of the subjects deemed “failed prototypes”. Judeau was left with no money and nothing to show for it. In recent years, Judeau has discovered that the procedure has, in fact, had a gradual effect. He has been able to phase more and more out of reality every day, to both his benefit and his dread. Being able to walk through walls has been useful, but the growing fear that one day he might not be able to return to normal matter has spurned him into sobering up and making raids to the undergrounds for numenera, either to find something that can make him whole again, or to make enough money to have one of the increasingly numerous reforgers “unforge” his condition.

Despite his fears and aspirations, Judeau tends to be outwardly light-hearted, sarcastic, and easy going, and finds his old habits of being a thief and scoundrel hard to break.

Q1. Characterize your character in a single sentence?
On a quest to retire rich, early, and whole, but lets poor choices and (occasionally) his conscience get in the way.

Q2. How would your closest relative describe your character?
A bright, intelligent boy who would not apply himself. Unwilling to do what was necessary to succeed and be part of the family business.

Q3. Name three of your characters fears.
One from Youth: That he will end up on the same path as my family, and be willing to sacrifice the innocent for his own personal gain.
One Present: Where his next buck is going to come from.
One relating to their future life they plan: That someday he will phase out and never return.

Q4. What Emotion does your character hide in public?
Pity for the poor conditions that those around him live in.

Q5. Who/ What does your character look to for inspiration and guidance?
The legendary thieves and scoundrels whose deeds he read of in the books of his youth, and the more realistic but still charming thieves and scoundrels who he spent his recent years with.

Q6. Describe your characters living quarters, or any he has ever owned.
Any place he stays in long enough to leave something would be sparsely decorated with whatever trophies he’s recently procured and hasn’t had a chance to sell yet. Maybe some random object of comfort (nice bedding, for example) that reminds him of the standard of living he enjoyed in his youth.

Q7. Do the Needs of Many… outweigh the Needs of the one?
Generally, but it depends on the many, and it depends on the one.

Q8. Does your characters have a friend, if so describe?
Judeau has many friends, mostly persons in the less-than-legitimate lower workings of society. Seeings as they probably met while pulling a job or blowing money job on bender, they’re probably a lot of fun.

Q9. Your character’s Hearts Desire?
Retire rich with many beautiful wives.

Q10. Your character’s thoughts on lies?
Necessary. A way of life, even.

Q11. How does your character view the numenera that fill the world? Is it magic, the work of the gods, or science? As objects of fascination, worship, or tools?
Science. Tools. Has lived most of his life watching people exploit these things for their own personal gain, often at the cost of others. He has become especially jaded with the reforging because of his recent fogginess. He can and does, however, occasionally find wonder in the remnants of the civilizations left behind, and maybe a desire to know more of their history.

Q12. How does your character assume they will die?
In the past, fat and rich. More recently, perhaps just evaporating into another realm, or into nothingness.


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