The Ascension Machine

Sorcerous Allies (Part I)

In which our intrepid adventurers:
-Created an allegiance between the proleteriat rebels and the Arach
-Were asked to seek the support of Xanthos, arguably the cities most powerful/influential sorcerer and collecter of numenera
-Visited Xanthos’s tower, filled with many wonders displayed like a forest of statues or gallery, strange skeletons statues monuments items, ceramics, paintings, holograns, memory stones, weapons
-Greeted by Gilian an automata that is his servant/part of his collection
-Secured Xanthos’s help in return for a small favor, all the men he has sent to beat Cailin Ledaal to some “prize” in the ruins have failed to return. He explains he’s not even sure what it is he’s after but if a veteran preist from the steadfast has travelled this far to find something it must be valuable. He wants the Chabo and Judeau to to succeed were his other men failed.
-Where given a pair of temporary personal shields and had their travel shortened somewhat by Xanthos who created a portal to the area
-Navigated a flooded room and avoided the predations of a tentacled creature that blindly searched for prey, found remnants of some of Xanthos’s previous explorers.
-Discovered an area of the ruins deep down and between the core and the Arach, dense rainforest/swamp with light created by strange crystals which stud the ceilings, lead to a vast open, tropical cavern.
-Found an entrance to a vault though without any power its impossible to open, signs of a recent struggle and abandoned camp
-Chabo was captured by a group of semi serpentine individuals and taken to a small village at the base of what looks like an aztec temple made from metal (darkest black an burnished gold). Judeau, who remained free, followed at a distance and studied the village.
-Discovered the villagers are lead by a small group of very powerful nanos that could not be mistaken for human.
-Discovered they had recently captured a human that was tampering with “the eye of sol”. Chabo negotiated both his and the imprisoned Ledaals freedom with the reptilian nano sorcerer/god Xiuhtecuhtli
-Judeau meanwhile searched and explored the temples, discovering:
-large corridors obviously not built for human use,
- a room with mostly empty sleeper cells 3empty 2 full-dead, medical room replete with creche human child,
-a central room has bright glowing orb suspended in centre,
consoles in the side
-work room with several assembled tools, wrist launcher similar in design to the villagers on the pedestal
-To be continued…
Judeau: +2 personal +2 story
Chabo: +2 personal +4 story
In the jungle by axl99


cypher753 cypher753

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